shod window manager
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shod is a mouse-based X11 window manager which can tile and tab windows inside floating containers. To tile windows, drag-and-drop the titlebar of one window into the border of the other with the right mouse button. The entire grid of tiles is called “container”, and it can float around on the screen.

shod automatically tabs related windows together on the same container. Dialogs and tornoff menus are only visible when their parent window is active, and are hidden otherwise.

shod works via mouse (optionally with a given modifier, ALT by default) and by responding to client messages sent by the shodc utility (shod's remote controller). With the exception of the ALT-TAB combination (for cycling windows) shod does no keybinding by itself, and relies on other applications (such as sxhkd) for that.

shod displays for each container titlebars with two buttons. The right button closes the active window. The left button calls a command named shodmenu. This command is not provided with shod, it should be created by the user; as, for example, a xmenu script to control the window.

shod has no default bar. However shod has a dock where dockapps (small windows commonly used on other window managers like WindowMaker) can be placed on. The dock does not appear unless a dockapp is opened.

shod can be customized by setting X resources.