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Date:   Mon, 16 Jan 2023 22:12:32 -0300

alt-tab is not bound to any key anymore

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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -22,9 +22,8 @@ on the screen. shod works via mouse, possibly with a given modifier (Alt by default), and by responding to client messages sent by the shodc utility (shod's -remote controller). With the exception of the alt-tab combination for -cycling windows, shod does no keybinding by itself and relies on other -applications (such as sxhkd) for that. +remote controller). Shod does no keybinding by itself and relies on +other applications (such as sxhkd) for that. shod has no default bar. However shod has a dock where dockapps (small windows commonly used on other window managers like Window Maker) can