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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -14,10 +14,23 @@ │ │ └───────────────────────┘ -shod is a multi-monitor, floating, reparenting X11 window manager that -supports tiled and tabbed containers. shod works via mouse with a given -key modifier (Alt by default) and by responding to client messages sent -by the shodc utility (shod's remote controller). +shod is a mouse-based X11 window manager that can tile and tab windows +inside floating containers. To tile windows, drag-and-drop the titlebar +of one window into the border of the other with the right mouse button. +The entire grid of tiles is called a "container", and can float around +on the screen. + +shod works via mouse, possibly with a given modifier (Alt by default), +and by responding to client messages sent by the shodc utility (shod's +remote controller). With the exception of the alt-tab combination for +cycling windows, shod does no keybinding by itself and relies on other +applications (such as sxhkd) for that. + +shod has no default bar. However shod has a dock where dockapps (small +windows commonly used on other window managers like Window Maker) can +be on. The dock does not appear unless a dockapp is spawned. + +shod can be customized by setting X resources. shod was inspired by the following programs and window managers. I'd like to thank their authors for their work that helped me developing diff --git a/shod.1 b/shod.1 @@ -475,6 +475,7 @@ Dragging a tab with the third mouse button detaches the tab from the container. A detached tab, while being dragged, can be reattached into another container (or the same container) by dropping it on the title bar, border or divisor; or can be made into a new container by dropping it elsewhere. +Double-clicking a tab toggles maximization of its container. .Pp Each title bar has a left button. Clicking on the left title-bar button with the first mouse button restackes the column