Clipboard copy bug in some X11 applications

In this short post, I document a bug I found in a X11 program while studying how X11 does copy-and-paste.

I'm working on my new project, control, a X11 widget toolkit based on the X Toolkit Intrinsics framework. While working on the input field widget, it was necessary to handle copying and pasting of text, both to the clipboard selection (copied with Ctrl-C and pasted with Ctrl-V) and to the primary selection (copied by selecting a text and pasted by a middle mouse click). This required me to learn how the selection mechanism works in X11.

After learning it, I spotted a possible misfeature that some GUI applications and toolkits may have: they can copy what you select after typing Ctrl-C. I then tested a few GUI applications to see whether this potential misfeature occurs in the wild. For my pleasure, the first application I tested, the HexChat IRC client, presented that bug.

You can try that: Open HexChat, select some text, type Ctrl-C, then select another text. Then, paste it with Ctrl-V to a second application. It is expected that what will be pasted is the first selected text that you copied. But what will actually be pasted is the second thing you selected.

I tested it on HexChat 2.14.3, running on X.Orx X Server on OpenBSD.

Most applications, however, work as expected. You copy what you selected right before pressing Ctrl-C. You can select and deselect at will after the Ctrl-C and nothing will change what you had copied.

What happens is that, in X11, for an application to copy something with Ctrl-C, it needs first to obtain the ownership of the clipboard (when you press Ctrl-C), and then pass the selected text to a second application when asked for it (when you press Ctrl-V). There is, obviously, a certain period of time between the application to gain ownership of the clipboard and to be asked for its content (that is, the time between pressing Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V).

Some X11 applications (like HexChat) do not save the selected text at the time it gets the ownership of the clipboard. They actually just pass what is selected at the time the content of the clipboard is asked for. So if you select another text in the meantime between Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V, what will be actually pasted is what you have selected last.