Birds I had

I like birds. Most of my pets are birds (I also have two dogs). I breed birds since I was 10, and some of them have died through the years. In this post, I pay homage to the birds I had which have passed away.


I had two pairs of canaries: Amarelão (male) and Açucena (female), and Azulão (male) and Querecê (female). They loved to eat boiled chicken eggs.

Unfortunately, Azulão died soon after I get him; he was attacked by an agapornis (a species of parakeet, also known as lovebird) and had his tibia broken. I therefore have not any photo of him. Amarelão (the other male) soon adopted Querecê (Azulão's female) as his second wife.

Amarelão fleed from home. He had fleed some other times but usually came back. That time, he didn't.

Açucena died soon after Amarelão had fleed. She ceased eating and plucked her own feathers in loss of her partner. Birds usually gets really sad when their partnes die (or disappear).

Querecê died of age.

Here are some photos of Amarelão, Açucena and Querecê.



I had two parrots: Loro (male) and Rosa (female). They were very talkative. Loro had a special hatred towards my father, and often attacked him.

Loro died in 2013, after being attacked by the neighbour's dog.

Rosa died during the fireworks of 2014 New Year's Eve. Fireworks are a real problem for birds (and most animals, in general), which get very frightened and anxious.

Here are some photos of them:

Rosa e LoroRosa e LoroRosa e LoroRosa e LoroRosa e LoroRosa e LoroRosa e LoroRosa e LoroRosa e LoroRosa e LoroRosa e LoroRosa e LoroRosa e LoroRosa e LoroRosa e Loro
Rosa e Loro

My birds now

Now I have two cockatiels, two budgies and that assassin lovebird.